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My main concrit post is here in Radu's journal, but I'm totally open to receiving crit here. If there's something I'm not doing right with Izaya, or if you'd just like to talk about something I do OOCly that makes you uncomfortable, this post is here for that reason.

Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off, screened comments are off.
I'm also completely open to receiving crit through email or gchat, but please don't offer crit via IRC PM.

Thank you!


boosting my ego...

it is totally relevant if I play the character I cosplayed sort of, anyway. My kouhai and I cosplayed Saike, Tsugaru, Shizuo, and Izaya at the con this past weekend.

( HERE ARE PHOTOS mostly of me )

rules, what rules?Collapse )

FRM: nakura@tomail.com

So I heard about this internet-based gang... Does anyone know of it? It's called DOLLARS. Apparently the leader will take anyone! The password is 'baccano'. You should check it out, haha ♥~!

Oh, and it seems there's a chan on IRC that talks all about us. I think it's located at #ikebukuro, if you'd like to visit. I've heard a lot about how fun it is. Well, I'm not really sure. You should take a look and make your own opinions ☆.

-- Nakura
would any former residents of the Habe Linkin Hut please tell me about it? the rough layout, size, if there's anything special...?

man this would be more helpful if I remembered who used to live there...

PROBLEM SOLVED /o/ although other helpful comments are always welcome


Izaya waits, Izaya watches, Izaya collects information you never even knew you were giving up!

This is going to be harder for those people with more characters, but! If you are willing to get trolled by Izaya, please leave me some info that he'd be able to glean from just walking around camp, people watching, and (occasionally eavesdropping on) public conversations.

The people your character would hang out with, what a general day for them is like, if there are any special skills/traits they don't make a secret of (or have lost the secrecy of in a public situation)... Anything you think might be relevant.

edit OR USE THIS FORM IF YOU'D LIKE /o/ just fill out what he might know, ignore everything else!
Anything that is mentioned here will be free game for him to use.

mostly from the wonderful Baka-tsuki and anni_fiesta's translations! with a few variations, though. All sources are linked!